Deployment and results

​We are currently redeveloping our safety camera pages. You can access the data log in spreadsheet format via the link below.

Road safety camera - data log

You can download the Road safety camera - data log, an Excel spreadsheet which contains all of the data we record at each location. In order to comply with data protection we have only removed the personal information.

Data log - Key

  • Site type - KSI - Site/Sites where at least one person has been killed or seriously injured and where excess or inappropriate speed has been deemed to be a factor
  • Site type - KSIR - Strategic Route which contains KSI sites and additionally CC sites where people have been killed or seriously injured.
  • Site type - MC - Route used by motorcycles that has a high incidence of collisions and anti social behaviour.
  • Site type - CC - Sites identified through the speed management protocol as being of community concern which are not on a Strategic Route.
  • Site Name - Road name and place where the camera was located.
  • Area - Local council district area.
  • Time on - The time the safety camera began recording.
  • Time off - The time the safety camera finished recording.
  • Total time - The time the safety camera van was at a location.
  • RFS - High end offender who will be summonsed directly to court.
  • Cond Offer - A violation that can be dealt with by way of a £100 fixed fine and 3 penalty points.
  • SAC - A violation that can be dealt with by the attendance at a speed awareness education course.