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In this section, you will find details of your right to access the information that North Yorkshire Police holds.

If you are looking for specific published information, use the search facility and click the FOI tab to see filtered results.

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  • Audit Commission Act

    The Audit Commission Act affords a right of inspection of "books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts" relating to accounts currently open for inspection.

  • Business Interest Register

    The Business Interest Register provides information in relation to business interests and secondary occupations held by members of North Yorkshire Police.

  • Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme

    A scheme running in this area gives members of the public a formal mechanism to make enquiries about individuals who are in contact with children.

  • Data protection

    The Data Protection Act 1998 came into effect in March 2000 and provides individuals with a right of access to information that we may hold about them.

  • Deletion of records from national police systems

    You may be eligible to apply for the deletion of records from the Police National Computer (PNC), National Fingerprint Database (IDENT1) and the National DNA Database (NDNAD) under the 'Record Deletion Process'.

  • Disclosure and Barring Service

    The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), an Executive Agency of the Home Office, provides wider access to criminal record information through its disclosure service.

  • Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

    Information about the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, also referred to as Clare's Law, which was introduced to allow the police to disclose information to help protect people at risk from violent partners.

  • Drugs and alcohol tests

    We publish the results of random, routine and pre-employment drug and alcohol tests for police officers and staff on an annual basis.

  • Environmental Sustainability Report

    We recognise that there are many opportunities to improve our sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Expenditure over £500

    We publish individual payments to suppliers with a value over £500, with the aim of improving openness and transparency.

  • First class travel

    One outcome from the Winsor review of 2011-2012 was that police forces should publish details of the use of first class rail travel.

  • Freedom of information

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives individuals the right of access to all information we hold, subject to a range of exemptions.

  • Fingerprints for visa applications

    We offer a fingerprint taking service for people whose fingerprints are required for overseas visa or security applications.

  • Gifts, Gratuities and Hospitality Register

    All offers of gifts, gratuities or hospitality that meet the criteria for recording must be recorded in the Register of Gifts, Gratuities and Hospitality, which is published online.

  • Gross misconduct outcomes

    We publish details of gross misconduct allegations and outcomes against North Yorkshire Police officers and staff.

  • How we use personal information

    We take great care to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately in order to secure and maintain individuals' trust and confidence in the force.

  • Information for parents of children who have committed an offence

    Having committed an act which constitutes an offence in law, and where a decision to take no further action has been made, a child will still have an offence recorded against him/her on the North Yorkshire Police crime recording system. This is not a conviction and will not automatically be disclosed as part of any future police checks.

  • Legal aid evidence

    Individuals in some circumstances may require evidence from the police in support of an application for civil legal aid. The Civil Disclosure Unit is responsible for processing these requests.

  • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012

    The Protection of Freedoms Bill gained royal assent on 1 May 2012, becoming the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

  • Publication Scheme

    We have a publication scheme, approved by the Information Commissioner, setting out the information we make routinely available.

  • Street level crime mapping

    North Yorkshire Police publishes street-level crime, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and local policing information via

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