Using the automated switchboard

A number of callers to the 101 number are pressing option 2 without being sure which department it is they want to speak to. Please see the list of departments which you can ask to be put through to via the automated switchboard. You can also ask for individual names or collar numbers.

If asking for a collar number, say "zero" for 0. Collar numbers at North Yorkshire Police are sometimes written as four-digit numbers. However, please do NOT speak any preceding zeroes (say "123" not "0123").

Example 1: If you want to report lost property, say "Lost Property". You will be asked for the name of your local police station. Say "York Police Station". You will then be put straight through. If you are not sure which is your local police station, say "Options". You will then hear a list of all available stations.

Example 2: If you want to speak PC John Doe, with collar number 0120, say either "John Doe" or "one two zero".

Department list

Abnormal Loads
Alarms Administrator
Bedale Police Station
Case Building Unit Harrogate
Case Building Unit Scarborough
Case Building Unit York
Catterick Police Station
Central Ticket Office
Civil Disclosure
Community Safety
Confidential Unit
Coroners Office Harrogate
Coroners Office Northallerton
Coroners Office Scarborough
Coroners Office Selby
Coroners Office Skipton
Coroners Office York
Corporate Communications
Covert Standards
Crime Management Unit
Crime Recording
Crime Scene Investigation
Criminal Records Bureau
Custody Harrogate
Custody Northallerton
Custody Scarborough
Custody Selby
Custody Skipton
Custody York
Deployment Manager
Eastfield Police Station
Emergency Planning
Filey Police Station
Financial Investigation Unit
Financial Services
Fingerprint Bureau
Firearms and Explosives Licensing
Firearms Support Unit
Firearms Training
Force Control Room
Force Control Room Inspector
Force Intelligence Bureau
Forensic Collision Investigation Unit
Forensic Services
Harrogate CID
Harrogate Police Station
Hi Tech Crime Unit
Human Resources
Identification Unit
Information Systems Directorate
Integrated Offender Management Unit Harrogate
Integrated Offender Management Unit Scarborough
Integrated Offender Management Unit York
Intelligence Unit Harrogate
Intelligence Unit Scarborough
Intelligence Unit York
Knaresborough Police Station
Legal and Compliance Services
Lost Property
Major Crime Unit
Major Fraud Investigation Team
Malton CID
Malton Police Station
Neighbourhood Support Team
Niche System Admin
Northallerton CID
Northallerton Police Station
Occupational Health and Welfare
Operational Support Inspectors
Operations and Contingency Planning
Organisation and Development
Organised Crime Unit
Performance Team
Pickering Police Station
PNC Bureau
PNC Liaison
PNC Records
Press Office
Professional Standards
Prosecution Team
Protecting Vulnerable Persons Harrogate
Protecting Vulnerable Persons Northallerton
Protecting Vulnerable Persons Scarborough
Protecting Vulnerable Persons York
Purchasing to Pay
Records Management
Resource Management Unit
Response Call Out
Richmond Police Station
Ripon Police Station
Road Policing Group
Road Policing Group Harrogate
Road Policing Group Malton
Road Policing Group Richmond
Road Policing Group Scarborough
Road Policing Group Skipton
Road Policing Group Tadcaster
Road Policing Group Thirsk
Safer Neighbourhood Area Craven Rural
Safer Neighbourhood Area Dales
Safer Neighbourhood Area Filey
Safer Neighbourhood Area Harrogate Outer
Safer Neighbourhood Area Harrogate Town
Safer Neighbourhood Area Knaresborough and Boroughbridge
Safer Neighbourhood Area Northallerton and Stokesley
Safer Neighbourhood Area Richmond and Catterick
Safer Neighbourhood Area Ripon and Pateley Bridge
Safer Neighbourhood Area Ryedale
Safer Neighbourhood Area Scarborough
Safer Neighbourhood Area Selby Rural
Safer Neighbourhood Area Selby Town
Safer Neighbourhood Area Skipton Town
Safer Neighbourhood Area Thirsk and Easingwold
Safer Neighbourhood Area Whitby
Safer Neighbourhood Area York City and East
Safer Neighbourhood Area York West
Safer Neighbourhood Service Desk
Safer Neighbourhood York North
Safer York Partnership
Scarborough CID
Scarborough Police Station
Selby CID
Selby Police Station
Skipton CID
Skipton Police Station
Special Branch
Special Branch Counter Terrorism Security Advisors
Special Branch Ports
Stokesley Police Station
Tadcaster Police Station
Tasking and Logistics Knaresborough
Tasking and Logistics Scarborough
Thirsk Police Station
Traffic Management
Transport Services
Whitby CID
Whitby Police Station
York CID
York Police Station

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