Selby partnership focuses on crime with new CCTV cameras

A new initiative will be launched on Thursday 9th February in the Selby District to help local Police teams in their fight against crime.

Four miniature body worn CCTV cameras purchased by the Community Safety Partnership will be used by Police officers and Police Community  Support Officers to help them gather evidence when dealing with offenders on the street. The equipment will be used for a range of offences but particularly in relation to Disorder and anti social behaviour across the District.

The compact cameras that measure 3" x 2" and clip onto an officers jacket, provide up to four hours of high quality video and audio footage and can be used in varying lighting conditions.

Although body worn cameras have been used in the past by officers, previously the equipment was bulky with separate batteries, trailing wires and limited capabilities. The new CCTV cameras are very compact, efficient and easy to use. They are also robust enough to withstand the day to day physical activities that officers encounter.

Inspector Michelle Falkingham of Selby police said " We welcome the arrival of the new cameras. They are a high tech and effective tool that will help officers do their job in often difficult circumstances" 

Colin Moreton of the Selby District Community Safety Partnership added 

"As a partnership we aim to make Selby a safer place to live and work. Evidence obtained using the cameras is ideal for use at court in capturing footage of offenders behaviour and bringing them to justice. There is also a deterrent effect that will hopefully help to calm disorder situations before they get out of hand."

3pm 6 February 2012

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