Equality and diversity - equality objectives

North Yorkshire Police is committed to setting challenging equality objectives across our organisation, which address the most significant and pressing equalities issues facing the communities we serve and the protected groups amongst our own personnel.

First Objective
To take steps to increase the number of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff, officers, PCSOs, volunteers and specials in our teams year on year over the next four years. We will seek to achieve this by identifying and removing any actual or perceived barriers to equality of opportunity in recruitment, retention and progression and by identifying and acting upon ways to attract people from as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible, to our organisation.

Second Objective
To embed an enhanced Internal Dispute Resolution scheme within NYP by September 2012. This will lead to the selection and training of an appropriate number of mediators, equipped with the necessary skills to assist in the resolution of workplace concerns and disputes including any which include diversity, equality or human rights issues. Additional steps will be taken to equip line managers with complementary skills with a view to reducing instances of escalation of such issues and maximising the retention of staff.

Third Objective
To review the current system of Applicants' self declaration and equality and diversity monitoring forms, ensuring that North Yorkshire Police gain focused, relevant equalities information about candidates. Once collected this will enable these Objectives to be reviewed to ensure that the most pressing and relevant areas are addressed by them. This work is to be progressed as soon as practicable and in any event by the end of the current financial year.

Fourth Objective
To review and develop the organisational approach towards Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents. This includes the care and assistance provided to victims and witnesses and encompasses;

  • Establishing and communicating clear reporting channels to communities so that victims and witnesses know how to identify and report Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents to NYP.
  • Promoting and explaining the service standards that victims and witnesses can expect from NYP.
  • Promoting and explaining how NYP will work with partner agencies to support victims and witnesses.
  • Clearly outlining how NYP will utilise Independent Advisory Groups as a critical friend to assist in reviewing the organisational response to Hate Crime and Hate Incidents.
  • Increasing the knowledge and confidence of NYP officers and staff in dealing with Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents, ensuring they fully understand their role and the assistance they can provide to victims and witnesses.

Fifth Objective
Ensuring that the development and review of North Yorkshire Police policy and procedure is informed by analysis of their compliance with equality duties.

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