Nominated Neighbour Scheme

Help put a stop to bogus callers and feel safer in your home from unwanted visitors by joining the Nominated Neighbour Scheme. The scheme seeks the help of neighbours or relatives to check whether unexpected callers are genuine, especially those calling on more vulnerable members of the community.

You get a pdf icon Nominated Neighbour card [5Mb] to hold up to the window or door telling the caller that you do not recognise them and to go to your Nominated Neighbour. That person will then try to check the caller's identity. A genuine caller will not mind following the instructions on the card.

How do I find a Nominated Neighbour?

Arrange with a trusted neighbour or a member of your family who lives nearby to be your Nominated Neighbour. This could also be a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, Housing Association Warden or Parish Councillor.

Ask them if they will be prepared to help you check the identity of any unrecognised callers to your home and if they would be willing to accompany them while they speak to you.

Hand them the pdf icon You are my Nominated Neighbour form [131kb].


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