Summer safety

This summer, think about how much you're drinking. Your safety is important to us.

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  • Home safety

    Whilst enjoying the warm weather, follow our summer top tips to keep your home and property secure.

  • Keep yourself safe

    Getting home after a night out and a few drinks isn't always easy.

  • Water safety

    Rivers, lakes and other areas of open water may all tempting places to have fun during the summer months.

  • Don't drink & drive

    Our message to road users is very simple. Drinking and driving kills, maims, wrecks families and communities.

  • Domestic abuse

    Domestic abuse is not just about violence; it can be sexual, financial, emotional or psychological and can happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity or disability.

  • Summer Safety Selfies

    Dozens of you have shown your support for our Less Drinking More Thinking campaign - by taking a Summer Safety Selfie!

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