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Saturday 23 June 2018 was an average Saturday for us, with no planned events or large-scale operations taking place, and no major incidents to deal with. Here's a snapshot - in numbers - of the incidents we dealt with in the 24-hour period from one minute past midnight.

We took 1,231 calls, including 297 999 calls , and 934 non-emergency calls to our control room or switchboard. Not all of those calls results in an incident or crime being recorded. Some could be from people passing on information, or wanting to speak to other departments, or calls from other police areas.

We recorded 690 incidents, and of those…

106 related to antisocial behaviour

72 were calls from people reporting suspicious behaviour

48  were domestic incidents including violence

22 were road traffic collisions, including sadly, one fatal

29 concerned road related offences such as suspected drink drivers or poor driving

49 violent incidents (excluding domestic violence) – 35 of them happened either before 6am or after 7pm

55 calls about concern for someone’s safety. These ranged from intent to self-harm and other mental health-related issues, an elderly woman locked out of her house, to a man walking along the A64 in the dark.

8 missing people

13 burglaries

42 thefts

17 reports of criminal damage

8 reports of people collapsed, injured or trapped, for example, a woman refusing to get out of an ambulance, a man lying asleep in the road, an elderly woman who’d fallen and couldn’t get to the door to let the ambulance service in

4 sudden deaths –  none were suspicious and all related to either health or age. We attend all sudden deaths to check for any evidence of suspicious activity and to assist the coroner with information that will form part of an inquest if one is necessary.

57 generated by police, for example sightings of suspicious vehicles, calls for assistance from other police forces, planned arrests or searches.

14 animal related incidents such as aggressive dogs or loose animals

11 reports of lost property

12 activated alarms

4 civil disputes

2 arsons

7 hoax calls

1 suspect package – a walker’s rucksack left at a takeaway

3 drug-related calls

22 silent calls – such as accidental calls, pocket-dialled calls. We don’t ignore these calls, we will spend time trying to make contact with you to make sure you don’t need our help.

We use a process called THRIVE to assess and prioritise how we respond to incidents to ensure we provide the best possible service and protect the most vulnerable. Follow this link to find out more about how we do this.