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Ethics and standards

The Code of Ethics lays out the principles and standards of behaviour that everyone who works in policing can aspire to.

The Code of Ethics applies to all officers and staff in England and Wales, in every force, in every role, at every level. It sets out clearly defined principles for our officers and staff to uphold as they work to protect our communities.

The public rightly expect the highest standards of behaviour from the professionals tasked with keeping them safe, often when they are at their most vulnerable. The code will benefit members of the public as it documents the standards of behaviour that they should expect from everyone who they come into contact with at North Yorkshire Police.

Policing is a difficult but rewarding job. Every day we have to make decisions that affect people’s lives, often under extreme pressure. The code is designed to assist this decision making and will also empower our officers and staff to challenge any unethical behaviour they witness.

For more information about the College of Policing or the Code of Ethics, visit www.college.police.uk/ourduty, or join the conversation on Twitter #ourduty.

Code of Ethics[pdf]