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Force Management Statement

What is a Force Management Statement?

A Force Management Statement (FMS) is a self-assessment that the chief constable must prepare and provide to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies & Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) each year.

It is the chief constable’s statement and explanation of:

  1. the demand we face now and expect to face in the next four years;
  2. how we are dealing with our current demand in terms of our ways of working, performance and the status of our workforce and assets;
  3. our plans to improve and address any gaps in our capacity and capability to meet future demand; and
  4. what residual gaps might still exist in our ability to meet demand.

The FMS is part of the integrated PEEL assessment carried out by HMICFRS which covers the areas of efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy in policing.

HMICFRS expect also to use the information in our FMS in connection with other inspections, including thematic inspections, and monitoring of force performance (efficiency and effectiveness).

The FMS is the chief constable’s document and, whilst there is no requirement to publish our FMS, it is published here to provide transparency and context to force decisions.

FMS 2020/21

North Yorkshire Police Force Management Statement 2020/21[pdf] North Yorkshire Police Force Management Statement 2020/21 - Appendix[pdf]