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Information for police pension holders

If you are in receipt of a police pension, you should be aware of the information below. It explains why we share information about police pension holders with the National Fraud Initiative, in order to protect your pension fund from fraud and misuse.

As a police service, we are required by law to protect the funds we administer – including the pension fund – to make sure that public money is being spent properly. As part of that duty, North Yorkshire Police is taking part in the Cabinet Office’s National Fraud Initiative, which will help to protect your pension fund from fraud.

The National Fraud Initiative uses a computerised technique called data matching to compare the information we hold about pension holders (which is usually personal information) with information held by other public bodies. The point of this data matching process is to discover any inconsistencies between the records, so that these can be explained or, if necessary, investigated. Data matching protects the pension fund from misuse by helping to identify fraudulent claims and payments, so that appropriate action can be taken. If can also uncover instances where pensioners are receiving too little pension, which can result in the payments to pensioners being increased.

As a participant in the National Fraud Initiative, we are required to provide the Minister for the Cabinet Office with particular sets of data about our pension holders. The data we provide is only used for the data matching exercise, which is carried out in accordance with a Code of Practice. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are not required to give your consent for the sharing of your data.

If you are a North Yorkshire Police police pension holder and you would like to talk to someone about how your data will be used for the National Fraud Initiative data matching exercise, you can contact the Payroll Team by email on payroll@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk or telephone 01609 643510.

For more general information about the National Fraud Initiative, visit the NFI pages on gov.uk.