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Community Speed Watch

The main purpose of Community Speed Watch is to draw drivers' attention to speed limits in areas where communities say it is affecting their quality of life, and to educate them about the effects that anti-social road use can have on local people.

Community Speed Watch scheme was developed in response to feedback gathered through a public consultation run by the Police and Crime Commissioner in July 2014.  The feedback received through the consultation showed that four out of five residents were concerned about road safety in North Yorkshire, and that 72 percent of people felt that more should be done to improve road safety through enforcement or education.

The scheme was piloted between March and September 2015 and due to positive results and positive public response, the scheme now forms one part of North Yorkshire Police’s roads policing response.

The first scheme to officially launch in the region was in Pannal in September 2016 and since launch the group has seen some encouraging results. Click here to read more about Pannal or watch the video below.

How the scheme works

If a community believes it has a problem with speeding, a site of concern can be reported via the speed concern report form on the North Yorkshire Police website. Submission of one single
form is sufficient for a site to be assessed, multiple forms will not enhance or accelerate the process and may well delay any action being taken.

The speed concern will be acknowledged by North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau and will follow the process of the Speed Management Protocol. If the site is assessed as suitable for Community Speed Watch, the informant will be contacted by North Yorkshire Police Traffic Bureau and further information will be provided on the scheme

Fully trained community residents will then visit pre-approved sites with a radar to record the speed and registration number of offending vehicles. They will use the approved equipment to capture

  • Speed
  • Registration number
  • Colour of car
  • Make of car

The presence of the team and the equipment acts as a deterrent and will encourage road users to take more care in this area.

Anyone recorded to be speeding  (that is doing 24mph or more in a 20mph zone, 35mph or more in a 30mph zone or a 46mph or more in a 40 mph zone) will receive a letter from North Yorkshire Police to inform them of their offence and the need to address their driving behaviour.

North Yorkshire Police will also be keeping a close watch on the recorded data, and may take enforcement measures if a persistent or extreme offender is identified.

If you would like to join in a Community Speed Watch action near you, please email CommunitySpeedWatch@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

Speed concerns

We welcome your concerns about speeding in your local area through the speed management protocol.

Please first consult the ’95 Alive’ Partnership  Speed Management Protocol for York and North Yorkshire, which will provide you with all the information you need before you make a complaint about speeding in your community, or whether your complaint is better addressed somewhere else.

Please provide a suitable email address – we will communicate with you by email when such an address is provided.

If you are aware of a road in York or North Yorkshire which you feel is hazardous (for example, you’ve had a near miss and you feel that the conditions of the road were a factor), you can report it via the Roadwise website.

Report your speed concern (Online Form) Download a Speed Concern Form[docx] Speed Management Protocol[pdf] SMP - 20 February 2018[zip]