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What happens when I report bad driving?

Every report of bad driving we receive is reviewed by a police officer who has specialist knowledge of road traffic offences.

What will you do with my report?

The officer will review the information you have provided. They will look at:

  • Whether an offence has been committed
  • If so, what category this offence falls under
  • Whether there is enough evidence to investigate
  • Whether the case could result in a prosecution

What will happen to the motorist I reported?

If we are satisfied that an offence has taken place and we are able to identify the offender, they will be dealt with in one of the following ways:

  • Education: Contacted by police to warn them of them about their behaviour, or offered a driver awareness course to help them improve the standard of their driving.
  • Enforcement: Taken to court where they could face fines, driving bans, community orders or a prison sentence.

We have used dashcam footage from members of the public to prosecute numerous motorists for offences such as dangerous driving.

Will you update me on the progress of the case?

Due to the volume of reports and dashcam footage we receive from the public, we will only contact you if we need to.

What will happen to my footage or personal information?

We handle footage and personal information in the strictest confidence, in line with GDPR legislation, and use extremely secure, government-approved software to keep any information you send us safe.

We may occasionally use footage supplied to us to support road safety initiatives. However, we would not disclose your name, vehicle registration or any other personal details when doing this.