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There are lots of things to get to grips with in a new role, including some important "housekeeping" information! Here are answers to the most common questions - the ones you really want to know, but didn't want to ask.

When do I get paid?

Salaries are paid on the 25th of each calendar month.

Will I get a payslip?

No, we don’t provide paper payslips. Instead, your payslip is available online, and once you start work you will be provided with your self-service log-on details, so you can go online and access your pay information.

What do I do if I have a problem with pay?

If you have any questions for the payroll team, you can contact them during office hours on 01904 618966 .

What is my annual leave entitlement?

The annual leave year runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.

When you start with us, your leave entitlement is 24 days, plus bank holidays.  If you join part way through a year, your leave will be worked out pro rata. Once you start work you can double-check your annual leave entitlement by emailing RMU Duties.

After five years’ service your leave entitlement increases to 30 days plus bank holidays.

What hours will I work?

Some jobs have special working patterns or on-call duties, so to find out your hours you will need to check your contract, in the Statement of Particulars: Staff 1.

However, if no special conditions apply, the standard working day is 8.30 to 17.00, Monday to Thursday, and 8.30 to 16.30 on a Friday. This assumes an hour for lunch, to be taken between 12.00 and 14.00. The minimum lunch break should be 30 minutes and the maximum lunch break is one hour.

Some departments run a flexi-time or flexible start-time system. This is at the discretion of the Head of Department, based on the requirements of the business. Please ask your line manager about any special arrangements in your department.

Can I work from home?

North Yorkshire Police is working towards becoming an “agile” organisation, where the workforce can operate from different locations according to the needs of the organisation and the individual. In principle, home working is possible, but you must check with your Head of Department first. Some jobs may not be suitable for home-working due to the nature of the role.

Is there staff parking at Alverton Court?

Parking is available for employees who are members of our parking scheme.  The scheme covers spaces in the Alverton Court car park and the Crosby Road car park in Northallerton which is about 300m from HQ.  The cost of the scheme is £24 per month, which is deducted automatically from a members salary. More information about the scheme can be found on our intranet, The Source.

How long is my probation?

Most roles have a probationary period of six months. You can check the length of your probation on your contract, in the Statement of Particulars section.

If another opportunity comes up, can I change roles once I’ve started work at North Yorkshire Police?

Vacancies are usually advertised internally before or at the same time as any external advert, and we welcome applications from internal candidates with the right skills. Remember though that you must have successfully completed your probationary period BEFORE you can be considered for any alternative role.

Will I get training?

At North Yorkshire Police, we believe in developing the skills of our employees. If your role requires specific skills, you may be asked to attend a formal face-to-face training course, take part in online training at your own convenience, or participate in on-the-job learning with a mentor. If you believe you have a specific training need that is not being addressed, please speak to your line manager.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

Uniform clothing and articles of equipment that are necessary for the performance of police duties are provided to police officers, Special Constables and some police staff , free of cost for use only in the performance of their police duty.

If you are being recruited into a uniformed role, you will be made aware of this and arrangements made for fitting and collection.

Staff members who perform non-uniform duty should expect to wear business attire which is appropriate to the role being undertaken.

A full dress and appearance police can be found in the Purpose and Performance section of The Source.

I’m a member of a professional association. Will North Yorkshire Police pay my membership fees?

As a general rule, we do not pay membership fees for professional associations. However, we sometimes make an exception (for example, if you MUST be a member of your professional body in order to practice, or if being a member would result in some additional benefit for North Yorkshire Police such as reduced training fees).

I’m new to policing – what’s the order of ranking for Police Officers?

Within the police force rank structure is used to maintain effective management and leadership. Ranking is used within the officer structure only and not for police staff. Rank is displayed on epaulettes and hats and this guide will give you an idea of who is who.



Who should I contact if I have any further questions?

If you have a question which hasn’t been answered here, please contact our HR Talent and Resourcing Team on 01609 643522 (office hours only) or email HRTalent&Resourcing@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk and we’ll be happy to help you.