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Kitting you out from top to toe

Putting on the uniform of North Yorkshire Police for the first time is a proud moment for any new PCSO.

Before you commence training, you will be required to attend our Clothing Stores for your uniform fitting. The Clothing Store team, based at the Transport and Logistics Hub in Thirsk, equip all police personnel with their uniforms.

So what does that uniform include? The standard uniform issue for PCSOs is very much the same as police officers, so it includes the black all-climate shirt, uniform trousers, hat, fleece, blouson and hi-viz jackets, slash-resistant gloves and over-trousers. Like their warranted colleagues, PCSOs also have body-armour, a torch, an equipment belt and a First Aid pouch. Then of course every PCSO has their badge, and the blue-and-white band that marks you out as a PCSO.

A vital part of any PCSO’s kit is their radio, and more technology is also on its way. As part of a £10m investment in technology, North Yorkshire Police is developing special new smartphone software to allow PCSOs to access police databases whilst out on patrol, and submit intelligence and other info whilst out on the beat.