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Priorities and action

Rural Crimes

Thefts from Farms and Agricultural Business are a key priority for the team this year 2018.


With support from our Rural Task Force we are offering personal visits to all the farms and rural business premises in the District to assist owners and managers understand and assess their risks. Quad Bike thefts are disappointingly far to common currently with no part of our district immune.  It is so important to ensure that all farms are able to mitigate against the risks of theft whether this is of machinery or livestock and our Task Force have officers trained to understand those specific challenges that farming business have.

We also ensure that we are giving the right messages regarding incidents and prevention information  through our messages to the public and this is done through our Community Messaging system as well as media including Social Media.

Crimes Against Businesses

In challenging economic times businesses can ill afford unexpected costs and we are working hard with our partnerships at the Skipton Business Improvement District to keep the District Working.


Skipton Police have always had a great relationship with the Town Council and the Business Crime Reduction Partnership. Recent improvements in the structure of the Partnership has allowed the group to develop more opportunities to share valuable information and intelligence not only within the confines of Skipton but across to other partnerships.


For more information on how you and your business can become involved contact the Skipton Business Improvement office.

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