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Filey and Eastfield

Filey and Eastfield


Eastfield is a community and civil parish located next to the boundaries of Scarborough. Eastfield has a population of around 5,600, rapidly increasing as a result of ongoing housing developments around the estate. In January 2016, Eastfield was given ‘Town’ status in a bid to obtain better opportunities for residents. Eastfield has a mid-size Industrial Park (Olympian Trading Park) and the rapidly expanding Scarborough Business Park, is on the outskirts of Eastfield.

The neighbourhood team are based out of Eastfield Police Station where they work alongside partners to try and achieve long term solutions to community issues.

The Eastfield team are responsible for a large area which is split into several smaller parts:

  • Eastfield Estate
  • East of the dell: Cayton and Osgodby
  • West of the dell: Industrial Estate
  • Eastfield Rural: East Ayton, villages along the A170 as far as Snainton and Burniston, villages along the A171 as far as Ravenscar


Filey is a small town and civil parish located on the North Sea coast between Scarborough and Bridlington. Although originally a fishing village, it has a large beach and is now a popular tourist resort. Filey has a population of around 7,000.

The neighbourhood team are based out of the Evron Centre in Filey Town Centre where they work alongside partners to try and achieve long term solutions to community issues.

The Filey team are responsible for the town and the surrounding area:

  • Filey Town Centre
  • Hertford: Hunmanby and the 4 major holiday parks


Both teams also work with Scarborough’s Community Impact Team, which is comprised of representatives from various agencies including North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Street Triage Mental Health Services, housing associations and many others.

The CIT allows for anti-social behaviour, crime and vulnerability to be identified and dealt with in a co-ordinated and efficient way, ensuring that the appropriate agency resources are deployed to incidents in a timely manner. This multi-agency problem solving approach frees up police officer time to deal with other demands within our communities. This also means that anyone reporting incidents see that their issues are acknowledged and dealt with, regardless of who may be the most appropriate agency to do so.

Over the next few years, there are a number of large developments planned across our communities, which will see a large increase in population. As with any large increase, there is the potential for an increase in crime rates. Working alongside local partners, plans have been developed and are in place to continue proactive policing and preventing crime in our local communities.

Information provided by members of our communities about crime and anti-social behaviour is key to the successful policing of these areas. Should you wish to speak to any of our team, please click on the tab to the right to find their details.

Andy Short
Filey and Eastfield Police Inspector

Filey and Eastfield map

The civil parishes of Filey and Eastfield, within the borough of Scarborough

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