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Special initiatives

Parking Complaints initiative

Our Neighbourhood Policing Team is frequently contacted by concerned residents and pedestrians regarding vehicles being parked on and/or obstructing pavements. This can cause not only inconvenience but also danger, particularly when wheelchair users, prams, pushchairs or visually impaired pedestrians have to detour onto roads when pavements are effectively blocked. Unfortunately unless the obstruction is witnessed by officers then it is not possible to prosecute drivers or vehicle owners, however in order to address the concerns of the community the Harrogate Neighbourhood Policing Team have launched an initiative to help members of the public report such problematic parking.

If you witness a vehicle parked on and obstructing the pavement please take a photograph of the vehicle showing the registration mark and also how the vehicle is obstructing the pavement, it is really useful if you can show precisely how much space is left on the pavement. Then send the photograph to the below email address, including the following details:

  • Which street the vehicle was parked on.
  • The date and time the problem parking was witnessed.
  • Your name, address and contact details.

Once this information is received by the team, the photograph will be viewed by one of our police support volunteers, and if they consider the pavement is unduly obstructed they will generate a letter to the registered keeper of the vehicle pointing out the offence being committed and drawing their attention to the danger and inconvenience caused by the parking. We will also keep a log of these letters so that repeat offenders can be identified for more targeted action and where necessary prosecution by officers.


Anti-social street drinking

Town Centre officers are currently working on Operation Parakeet. This is a multi-agency response to the long term issues relating to anti-social street drinking.

Public meetings were held in November and in January so that the public could inform us of the extent of the problem and so that we could update the public with the work we’d already done.

There have been weekly meeting with partners to discuss the individuals responsible for the anti-social behaviour and to agree actions to improve the situation. The issue is seasonal and diminishes over the winter months but we are now in a strong position to tackle to problem effectively when it’s warmer.

Free property marking initiative:

Every year, police recover hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stolen property from the hands of criminals, but all too often there is no way of identifying its rightful owners. Being able to trace the ownership of the property not only helps people get the property back, but it can also provide evidence that is vital in securing convictions.

Dot peen marking involves using a tungsten carbide-tipped pin to indent an object with dots to create a visible, permanent unique number. Property owners should then use the unique number to register the object on the national www.immobilise.com property register database, vastly increasing the chances that it will be reunited with its owner if it is subsequently lost or stolen.

The new machines in Harrogate can mark at a speed of two characters per second, to an accuracy of 0.006mm, and can be used on everything from steel and aluminum to plastic.

While other methods of property marking, such as UV marker pens or forensically-coded liquid, can also be very effective in reuniting property with its rightful owners, the visual deterrent of a permanently marked serial number alone could be enough to deter would-be thieves.

Dot peen marking is suitable for everything from bikes and garden tools to PlayStations and laptop computers.

To find out when your next property marking event is taking place, follow The Harrogate Safer Neighborhood Team on Twitter at @HarrogatePolice who will be using the hashtag #OpNotch to advertise events.

You can use the form below to request a visit by an officer from the Harrogate Safer Neighbourhood Team. We’ll come to clubs, events, groups or even just to visit you at home so that suitable property can be security marked. When you’ve sent your request we’ll reply to arrange a convenient time.

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