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Priorities and action

Protecting Vulnerable People

County lines is the name given to a type of organised crime in which drug dealers from urban areas, exploit children and vulnerable people and force them to sell drugs – often using violence and intimidation and can include the taking over of a vulnerable persons home in a technique known as “cuckooing.” It takes its name from the phone lines used to communicate between towns and to advertise drugs for sale. Harrogate has witnessed a number of County lines drug dealing and unfortunately has seen elements of the violence associated to this crime type.


The protection of vulnerable people is a key focus and forms part of our overall response which ranges from enforcement and disruption to on-going welfare checks on victims of cuckooing, safeguarding measures and drug intervention referrals, working jointly with partner agencies. We have a team of officers dedicated to disruption and prosecution of offenders and there have been a number of joint working days of action with partner agencies aimed at raising awareness and safeguarding the vulnerable.

Burglary and Theft

Reported crimes data shows a recent increase in burglaries and thefts from unattended motor vehicles (TUMVs). The increase in burglaries seems to show a trend where car keys are targeted and vehicles are taken from driveways known as 2 in 1 burglaries. The TUMVs are predominantly from insecure vehicles. The relatively low level of sophistication of this crime trend seems to suggest opportunist thieves, and there have been several reports of young people seen trespassing onto driveways overnight.



Crime analytical work has been to identify vulnerable locations and this crime trend has been recognised as a command priority with all patrols targeted to these identified areas. A number of identified suspects have been arrested and are subject to bail conditions to prevent further offending whilst evidence is obtained to pursue prosecutions.


Improving the Quality of life for residents and businesses

Harrogate has witnessed a seasonal rise in anti-social behaviour, this negatively impacts on the quality of life of local residents, recreational space users and businesses in the Harrogate area.


These issues are subject to an on-going problem solving plan which has commitment from multiple partners and involves joint strategies to reduce anti-social behaviour. The NPT have employed a number of tools aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour and have seen a recent reduction in reports.