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Priorities and action




Speeding on our roads is an all too common offence throughout Richmondshire, both within the Richmond, Catterick, and Garrison areas, but also within the Dales sections on the country roads towards Hawes.


We work with Operation Aegis to prevent collisions which result in serious or fatal injury through a mixture of education and enforcement. As part of this operation, Police will be using all tactical enforcement methods available to them – high visibility patrols, unmarked patrols, covert patrols, unmarked motorcycle equipped with speed detection and video recording equipment, safety camera vans and the National Police Air Service helicopter.

We regularly host speed awareness courses in colleges and for the soldiers at Catterick Garrison with the aim of preventing speeding offences it before they happen.

Anti-social behaviour

In Richmond we see occasional anti-social behaviour during the night time economy. Anti-social behaviour can often cause concern within our community, and can lead to criminal offences  which is why we prioritise this.


We work closely with over 77 members of Pub Watch schemes across Richmondshire to create a safer drinking environment in licensed premises. Pub Watch enables communication and collective action between licensees’ to ban trouble makers and to create early warning systems.

We target  hotspots such as parks, retail areas, town centres e.g. Richmond, and Catterick Garrison with high visible patrols to prevent crime and anti social behaviour.

Vehicle contents theft

We are currently seeing an increase in thefts from commercial vehicles in the Catterick Garrison area. Vans are especially being targetted in order to steal tools and plant equipment.


We target hotspots within Richmondshire with high visibility patrols, with the aim to deter any criminal activity on vehicles and to catch offenders. We also educate vehicle owners on the risks of leaving tools, wallets, expensive equipment and Satellite navigation systems on display. We also use covert methods to target offenders and track stolen property. Thieves beware!