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Priorities and action

Speeding and road safety

A main safety concern in relation to road safety is children not wearing seatbelts and parents inappropriate parking during the school run. The implications of children not wearing a seatbelt can be catastrophic. Speeding is also a priority.


We work with local council enforcement officers around school drop off and pick up times to educate parents on the dangers and consequences of this. To prevent speeding on our roads identified hotspots are targeted with high visibility patrols and regular pro laser speed radars . Local councillors are invited to these sessions.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Community and Policing groups and local parish meetings have raised issues about anti-social behaviour. Anti-social behaviour is particularly common amongst young people during the evening in Filey.


We are working with partner agencies such as Sea Cadets, Ryedale District Council and youth clubs to create more activities for young people in the area to  keep them off the streets and into a safe environment. We have a dedicated room which we use at Filey Secondary school which allows us to engage with students and space to educate them on the dangers of anti-social behaviour.