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Tackling County Lines Criminality

In York city centre we are dedicated to tackling the issue of ‘county lines’ drug dealing and associated criminality.

Utilising many different techniques, we work alongside partner agencies to help vulnerable residents who may be susceptible to being ‘cuckood’.

We are proactive with the forcewide ‘Expedite’ team to bring perpatrators to justice.




Anti Social Behaviour

Away from the shopping and leisure streets of York, we have a vibrant residential community. We are determined to work in these communities to reduce Anti Social Behaviour (ASB).
Working alongside housing managers and neighbourhood enforcement officers in the City of York Council

ASB consists of Low level criminality such as petty vandalism, drunkeness, public disorder and littering.


City Centre Partnership Working

Many different people from all over the world come to live, work and visit York, so it is essential that we can work with other stakeholders in the city to make it a safer place to live and work and stay.

We regularly deploy officers focussing on the night time economy and retail economy. Working in partnership with YorkBID and their Street Rangers, British Transport Police, Make it York, York Rescue Boat , York Retail Forum and Street Angels to name but a few.


Counter Terrorism

North Yorkshire Police is being proactive to reduce the risk of a terrorism incident occuring.

Using specially trained officers both in uniform and plain clothes, who will unpredictably turn up at any location and anywhere on #ProjectServator

Utilising ultra modern technology and infrastructure in the city centre and surrounding suburbs to assist in our goal.

We also link in with school and other locations where vulnerable persons may be, to educate and Prevent a person from being radicalised.