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Special initiatives

On going Operations

Inspector Godfrey and his team are currently working with key partners in the city and have several operations running.

Op Erase runs on a Saturday daytime and coincides with Op Safari which runs on a Saturday night. Both Operations have been set up to target the anti-social behaviour and crime that arises out of the consumption of intoxicants. Both Operations work closely with the York BID, street angels, York rescue boat as well as many others to tackle the incidents.

York BID rangers have recently been given powers to deal with low level offences within the city.

North Yorkshire Police want all visitors to enjoy themselves whilst also respecting the city and its residents. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated on the train or the station, in the street or in licensed premises. Licensed premises who have opted in to the code of conduct will not accept the following in their premises:

  1. Offensive inappropriate inflatables.
  2. Offensive inappropriate language.
  3. Offensive inappropriate fancy dress.
  4. Large groups (at the licence holder’s discretion)
  5. People we believe to be drunk.
  6. Drinking alcohol that has not been purchased in the licensed premises.
  7. Anti-social behaviour