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Contact The Team

You can contact the team via email at SNAyorkcity@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk. or to speak to an Neighbourhood team member about an on going cases ring 101, selection option 2 and dial in the team members collar number, shown below before their name.

For all other enquires please ring 101 and selection option 1 and always report crime through either 101 or in emergencies through 999.

Nick Plumb

Sgt 215 Nick Plumb

Nick has been on the neighbourhood team since 2014 where he started as a PC and was promoted to Sergeant after successully passing his exam and interview. Nick is currently a trained Police Tactical Advisor for large events such as the races and football. He has responsibility for delivering Project Servator across the city which raises community awareness and increases partnership working to keep the city safe. He is also responsible for the day to day running of the city centre Neighbourhood team.

Sgt 130 Mike Pickersgill

Mike has recently joined us from York West Response team based at Acomb, previously he has worked at Selby and Acomb as a Response Sgt and worked on the York Neighbourhood Support Team as Sergeant for a number of years. As a Polsa he worked on major investigations across the county, and in 2016/2017 he delivered `Project Servator `across the force and as such brings plenty of experience to the City Team.
John Armstrong

PC 291 John Armstrong

John joined North Yorkshire Police in 2007 as a PCSO. He has covered various different areas of York including Huntington, New Earswick and Westfield wards. John became a Police Constable in 2014 as a response officer covering the north side of York before joining the York City Neighbourhood Policing team in November 2017.
Jonathan Lewis

PC 290 Jonathan Lewis

Joby joined the city neighbourhood team after being a response PC for 5 years. He initially started his career as a PCSO so he has always had a strong connection to neighbourhood policing. He is now in his tenth year of policing and enjoys the proactive side of policing and being able to support and care for his community.
Grenville Dowson

PCSO 5552 Grenville Dowson

Gren has worked as a PCSO for 12 years which most has been in the city centre. He has a passion for cycle theft and enjoys returning cycles to their rightful owners when possible. He has built a good knowledge of people and places in the city and has a great rapport with the businesses and people visiting the city. He works alongside other agencies such as the street Rangers, Council NEO’s and Make It York.
Lydia Triner

PCSO 3799 Lydia Triner

Lydia previously worked in an admin role within West Yorkshire before joining North Yorkshire Police in the city centre as a PCSO in 2019. She works closely with partner agencies especially within the Walmgate area and is also involved in Project Servator.
Danielle Jordan

PCSO 4627 Danielle Jordan

Danni joined North Yorkshire Police in 2015 working in the Force Control Room in various roles, she then moved to the city neighbourhood team in 2017 as a PCSO. Danni works alongside other agencies such as the Street Rangers, York BID and council NEO's. She is also involved in Project Servator within the city centre.
Julian Ward

PCSO 3611 Julian Ward

Julian has 5 years service as a PCSO for North Yorkshire Police. Julian is based within the York City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team. Julian has previously worked in the York inner and York outer teams, most of his service has been dedicated to the Walmgate area of York
Amanda Popely

PC 63 Amanda Popely

Has worked as a response officer in the Acomb area of York. Now a member of the York City Taskforce
Dave Butchart

PC 362 Dave Butchart

Has worked throughout York and Selby in various roles on response and as an investigator. Now in the York City Taskforce.
Matthew Kilburn

PC 458 Matthew Kilburn

Formerly a Special Inspector for the York area. He joined as a regular a few years ago, working with response across York. Now a member of the York City Taskforce.
Ben Stevens

PC 12 Ben Stevens

Has worked on Response for several years in York, before joining the Taskforce.
Oliver Lewis

PC 592 Oliver Lewis

Has worked on Response for several years in York, before joining the Taskforce.

PCSO 3862 Leon Aspinall

Leon started working as a PCSO for North Yorkshire Police in October 2019. He previously worked as a manager in Pizza hut, in his spare time he likes to play Football and socialise with friends.
Eleanor Boulton

PCSO 3726 Eleanor Boulton

Eleanor joined North Yorkshire Police as a Community Support officer covering York city centre and the Micklegate area in 2019. She has also recently been appointed as a Police Cadet Leader. Eleanor fulfils a lifelong ambition to work within the Police Service and is proud to represent North Yorkshire.

PCSO 3735 Ethan Sampson

Ethan joined North Yorkshire Police in 2019. His interest in the police came from an extended project at college about armed police officers. Prior to joining North Yorkshire Police, Ethan was a student and had lots of volunteer experiences such as being a part of the army cadets, and spending time doing charity work.

PCSO 5229 Helen Somers-Joce

Helen has recently been appointed to York City Centre as a Police Community Support Officer following time spent in the North Yorkshire Police control room. She is passionate about helping the vulnerable in the community, building strong working relationships with all our partners and helping to keep the city safe for everyone to enjoy.

PCSO 4616 Michael Revill

Mike joined North Yorkshire Police as a Police Community Support Officer in 2020. Prior to joining North Yorkshire Police, Mike worked as a Football Coach for children and adults in various countries. His enjoyment for working with people from different communities and backgrounds lead to him pursuing a career in the police.

PCSO 6117 Thomas Stubbs

Tom started working as a PCSO in for North Yorkshire Police in January 2020, He previously worked in Exhibits in North Yorkshire Police for 4 years and prior to that worked as a manager in retail.
Darren Erwin

PCSO 3549 Darren Erwin

Darren started working as a PCSO for North Yorkshire Police in January 2020. Prior to joining the Police he was a soldier in the Army and after completing 23 years left to pursue a career doing armed security on the ships of the coast of East Africa / Somalia. When returning to York Darren started working for a security company in the City contracted to York BID.