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Priorities and action


There has been a rise of burglaries in York North from house to shop thefts and it is our priority to stop it from happening.


Alongside targeting burglary hotspots with high-visibility patrols, we support and run various initiatives to prevent and combat burglaries in our area.

We have invested in top of the range ‘Dot peen’ property marking machines and offer it as a free service to York residents. Dot peen marking is suitable for everything from bikes and garden tools to games consoles and laptop computers and helps us to recover hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stolen property from the hands of criminals.

We run Operation Joypad which involves doing sporadic checks on residents house door handles and providing crime prevention advice to the public on those doors left open at night or when the property is empty. We also work with retailers in York to provide 10% off security devices such as locks and alarms.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We see a significant amount of anti-social behaviour amongst youths, predominantly in Haxby during the summer months.


Our team regularly patrol renowned anti-social behaviour hot spots with the aim of breaking up large groups of youths, preventing anti-social behaviour and reassuring the public who are affected by it.

We run Operation Liberate which takes a multi-agency approach to anti-social behaviour. We work with the Jack Raine Foundation [LINKhttp://www.jackrainefoundation.org.uk/] which is a UK-based charity focused on supporting children, their families and communities. We often take youths who have been doing anti-social behaviour to the foundation so that we can chat to them about the effects and we call their parents to pick them up.


Auto crime is high in York North and it is on our list of priorities.


To combat auto crime we physically go into our communities to check that vehicles are secured properly and that valuables are not on display causing temptation to thieves. We provide crime prevention advice and if we come across vehicles which are a good opportunity to thieves, we track the owners and educate them.