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137 arrested as police warn there’s no let up in lockdown for Harrogate & area drug dealers

Last modified: 16 February 2021 at 04:36pm

Police tackling drug dealing in Harrogate and the surrounding areas are warning criminals to stay away or face arrest as they send a clear message that it’s business as usual during lockdown.   

The warning comes as figures for arrests by the Operation Expedite team – a dedicated team based in Harrogate who focus on drug dealing and safeguarding exploited people – made 137 arrests in the six months from July to December 2020.

Of those, nine people have been jailed already for a total of almost 23 years with individual sentences ranging from five years and four months for supplying class A drugs to six months for possessing class A drugs, not to mention a 28-month sentence for burglary.

seized packages

The ‘County’ Operation Expedite team are based in Harrogate but also cover the districts of Craven, Richmondshire and Hambleton. They work alongside other Expedite teams based in York and Scarborough. Their main focus is ‘county lines’ drug dealing but they also target other crimes that have persistent patterns, for example a spate of burglaries or thefts, to support their neighbourhood policing colleagues.

They carry out proactive patrols, on foot, in vehicles, in uniform, or plain clothes, constantly keeping a look out for suspicious activity and known suspects.

Checking on the safety and welfare of vulnerable people known to have been exploited and ‘cuckooed’ by drug dealers is also a key part of the team’s regular routine.

Cuckooing is the term used when drug dealers take over the home of someone – usually vulnerable and often a drug user themselves – to store and sell their drugs. They often use violence and intimidation to threaten the householder into letting them stay. They will sometimes give them free drugs, resulting in the householder owing them a ‘debt’.

Detective Sergeant Tom Barker, has worked on the Operation Expedite team for the past three years. He said: “Drug dealing and the exploitation it brings remains a key priority for North Yorkshire Police and these arrest figures help to demonstrate this.

pictuer of police officer in plain clothes
Detective Sergeant Tom Barker

“Although there are no figures that show the harm and fear that is experienced by people who are exploited and drawn into the often dangerous world of drug dealing.

“As well as disrupting criminals, our work is also about protecting vulnerable people. We can’t do that alone and our close work with partner agencies is vital to getting them the help they need. From housing to help with a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important that the people who need it are given help and those who exploit them are brought to justice.

“Information from members of the public is also key in helping to shape operational activity. So please don’t thing you are ever wasting our time by calling something in. Just because we don’t come tearing down the road with blue lights on, doesn’t mean we are not using your information.

“Drug supply investigations can take a long time, and the more evidence we have, the sooner we can act and take another dealer off the streets.”

Superintendent Steve Thomas, Commander for the Harrogate, Craven, Richmondshire and Hambleton areas, added: “I am incredibly proud of the work being done every day by Operation Expedite staff and their colleagues who support them across the district.  They have faced the risks of operational policing in a time of unprecedented challenges throughout the pandemic and continue to do so.

“However, this is not a time to rest on our laurels and I want to reassure the local residents across the district that we will be working even harder over the coming months to make Harrogate a very hostile environment for those who think it’s ok to make money exploiting vulnerable people and ruining lives.”

Some of items seized during the investigations

Members of the public can help by looking beyond the obvious, someone you might associate with antisocial behaviour and troublesome visitors, might just be very scared and exploited. Or, on the surface, a young person might appear to be a trouble-maker, but they could be a terrified victim of abuse and be trapped in a violent criminal world that they can’t see any escape from.

Please report anything you suspect may be linked to the exploitation of children, cuckooing and drug dealing and report them to us, or the independent charity, Crimestoppers. No matter how small you might think it is, every little piece of information helps us piece together a bigger picture.

 Things to look out for

Cuckooing and vulnerable people

  • Increased callers at a property
  • Increase in cars pulling up for short periods of time
  • Different accents at a property
  • Increased antisocial behaviour at a property
  • Not seeing the resident for long periods of time
  • Unfamiliar vehicles at the property
  • Windows covered or curtains closed for long periods
  • Communal doors propped open


Exploited children

  • Persistently going missing from school or home and / or being found out-of-area;
  • Unexplained money, clothes, or mobile phones
  • Excessive receipt of texts / phone calls
  • Relationships with controlling / older individuals or groups
  • Leaving home / care without explanation
  • Suspicion of physical assault / unexplained injuries
  • Carrying weapons
  • Significant decline in school results / performance
  • Gang association or isolation from peers or social networks
  • Self-harm or significant changes in emotional well-being

If you suspect a child you care for or know is being exploited, please call the police on 101, if

Call North Yorkshire Police on 101. If do not want to speak to the police and wish to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. If you or another person is in immediate danger, always call 999.







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