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‘Absolutely unacceptable behaviour and a deserved prison sentence’

Last modified: 15 February 2021 at 12:53pm

A disgusting thug who claimed to have Coronavirus and spat at a North Yorkshire Police officer has been jailed.

Daniel Davis is starting a spell behind bars after the despicable assault last month.

It happened on Friday 15 January when Davis, 38, was arrested on suspicion of road related offences.

He was taken into custody where he attempted to relieve himself on the floor and began to threaten officers and staff.

It was in the police cells during a routine check that he claimed to have Coronavirus before spitting through the hatch at a Detention Officer.

He was charged with assault of an emergency worker and pleaded guilty when he appeared before magistrates last month.

Davis, of Wheatfields Court, Eastfield, was jailed for 22 weeks.

Today, Superintendent Mike Walker has condemned his actions and said the custodial sentences should act as a stern warning.

“This incident caused a great deal of distress to our officer, and his colleagues, who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to serve and protect our communities.

“It was an unprovoked and senseless attack at a time when Davis should have been isolating. It left our officer fearing that he may be infected and exposed his family to the disease.

“I hope the custodial sentence handed down by the judge reinforces how seriously offences of this nature are taken by the criminal justice system.

Supt Walker added: “It is never acceptable to assume that assaults upon police officers and staff should be tolerated, they are not simply ‘part of the job’.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the overwhelming majority of you who continue to support all of the emergency services during these unprecedented times.”

Davis appeared at York Crown Court on 5 February where he was also ordered to pay £128 in compensation.


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