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19 March, 12:10 - Claudia's mobile phone is switched off

The investigation team still believe Claudia’s silver Samsung D900 mobile phone was deliberately turned off by someone at about 12.10pm on Thursday 19 March 2009.

Det Supt Malyn said: “Claudia used her mobile phone intensively so it is unlikely she would allow it to run out of battery. Also, her mobile phone charger was still in her house.

“From looking at her phone records, we anticipate that she would have wanted to use that phone during her breaks at work and then when walking back home. So for it to naturally run out of battery would not be the norm.”

Det Supt Malyn added: “Further analysis of Claudia’s mobile phone, particularly cell site activity, also shows she was in the Acomb area of York in the weeks leading up to her disappearance.

“We believe she may have been socialising with a person or persons. Again, we would like to know who this was and where it was taking place.

“If this is something a person wants to discuss with us sensitively, we can deal with that in a discreet manner using trained officers.”