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Convicted sex offender imprisoned for five years for non-recent indecent assault on young girl in York

Last modified: 14 November 2019 at 04:49pm

A convicted sex offender has been jailed for five years for indecently assaulting a young girl in York more than 20 years ago.

David Raymond May, aged 55, was sentenced at York Crown Court today (Thursday 14 November 2019).

Guilty: David Raymond May

He denied the offence until the first day of trial on Wednesday when he pleaded guilty.

May’s victim was aged around six or seven when the incident occurred between 1996 and 1998 when he was in his 30s.

He was known to the girl’s family despite previously saying he had no knowledge of her.

While they were both visiting a house in York, he groomed the girl by offering her money. He deliberately isolated her in another part of the house where he carried out the indecent assault.

May tried to cover up his offending by saying to the girl that it was their secret.

Following many years of anguish, the victim bravely reported the incident to North Yorkshire Police in September 2018.

A detailed investigation by York CID, led by Detective Constable Alastair Foy, helped to secure justice.

DC Foy said: “This was a sickening sexual assault on a very young and vulnerable girl which had a massive and lasting impact on every aspect of her life.

“The court heard how she feels that she is ‘damaged goods’ as a result of the abuse she experienced by May. She is not damaged goods – she is a strong and resilient woman who has called out his perverted and pernicious behaviour. Through her courage, he has finally received justice.

“Hopefully, May’s conviction will help her move forward.”

DC Foy added: “North Yorkshire Police will investigate all reports of child sexual abuse. This case demonstrates that convictions may be obtained even where the incident took place decades ago.”

May’s time in prison will be followed by an extended licence period of a further year. He will not be automatically released after serving half his sentence. Instead, his case will be referred to the Parole Board who will decide whether he should be released or not.

He was made subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order which will restrict his access to children after his release.

May will also remain on the sexual offenders’ register. This relates to a six year prison sentence he received at Lincoln Crown Court in May 2005 for indecent assaults on a different seven-year-old girl between 2003 and 2004.

Reporting child abuse and seeking help

Please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 if you have been a victim of abuse.

If you are in immediate danger, always dial 999 for an emergency response.

Victims who would prefer not to go direct to the police and are not in immediate danger, can contact Bridge House, North Yorkshire’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), on 0330 223 0362, email bridgehouse.sarc@nhs.net or go to www.bridgehousesarc.org/

You can also contact the Supporting Victims Unit direct at www.supportingvictims.org or call 01609 643100.

NSPCC Helplines:


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