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Don’t putt up with property theft – police launch new security marking drive for golfers

Last modified: 8 June 2016 at 04:11pm

Golfers in York are being urged to protect their clubs and other valuable equipment as part of a new property-marking drive.

Golf clubs and accessories can be worth thousands of pounds, making them an attractive target for criminals. Now police in York are offering to mark them with a permanent, unique number – deterring thieves and making stolen property easier to trace.

Inspector Lee Pointon, of York Police, said: “Golfers shouldn’t have to put up with their extremely valuable clubs and other equipment being targeted by thieves.

“Marking your property is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from being a victim of crime. Eagle-eyed criminals will spot the permanent engraving and realise that the property will be too difficult to sell on. Being able to trace the ownership of stolen property can also provide evidence that is vital in securing convictions.

“Our dot peen machines have already been hugely successful, and we’re on course to mark more than 2,000 items of property in York, including cycles, gardening tools and electronic devices. Only last month we were able to return a stolen bike to its rightful owner, who had the foresight to get it marked.”

PCSO Kieron O’Brien will lead the new property marking drive, ‘Join Our Club’, encouraging golfers to get their equipment security marked. He said: “We’re teeing up a number of drop-in sessions throughout December, and I would encourage anyone interested to get in touch with me by emailing snayorknorth@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk. We’ll also be advertising property marking opportunities on Twitter, using the hashtag #joinourclub.”

Free drop-in property marking sessions will be held as follows:

* Heworth Golf Club – Thursday 3 December – 9am to 3pm
* York Golf Club – Friday 4 December – 9am to 3pm
* Pike Hills Golf Club – Friday 4 December – 9am to 3pm
* Forest Park Golf Club – Saturday 5 December – 9am to 3pm
* Fulford Golf Club – Saturday 5 December – 9am to 3pm
* Forest of Galtres Golf Club – Monday 7 December – 8.30am to 2pm
* York Golf Range – Tuesday 8 December – 4pm to 9pm

North Yorkshire Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, and Safer York Partnership clubbed together to fund the new dot peen property marking machines earlier this year.

Dot peen marking involves using a tungsten carbide-tipped pin to indent an object with dots to create a visible, permanent unique number. The unique number will be entered onto the national Immobilise property register database, vastly increasing the chances that it will be reunited with its owner if it is lost or stolen.

For more information about dot peen property marking, visitwww.northyorkshire.police.uk/whatisdotpeen.

To find out when your next property marking event is taking place, follow your local York police team on Twitter at @snayorkcityeast, @snayorknorth or @snayorkwest. The service is promoted on Twitter with the hashtags #whatisdotpeen and #joinourclub

Sports fans will also be able to get their property marked before the York City FC match against Morecambe on Saturday 19 December, from 12pm to 3pm in the car park under the main stand.

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