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Filming request

North Yorkshire Police is frequently approached by documentary-makers requesting access to film officers and staff at work.

We value openness, and recognise the role of documentaries in showing the public the realities of policing in action. However, we need to balance this against the requirement for confidentiality, possible disruption to operations arising from filming, the demand on operational policing and our capacity as an organisation to provide the necessary support, to ensure filming is carried out appropriately, legally and safely.

Facilitating filming with our officers and staff can involve significant resources and it is important that they can carry out their work with minimal disruption. Therefore there must be a clear business case in terms of value to the public, and a policing purpose or need for the force to agree to take part. Agreement will always be subject to current demand and resourcing.

In order to ensure that documentary requests are considered thoroughly and fairly, we have developed a process for considering requests.

In the first instance, please email newsdesk@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk with the following, essential information:

  • Name of production company
  • Key contact information
  • Has the programme been commissioned?
  • If so, for which channel?
  • Is it a series or one-off programme?
  • What are the anticipated filming dates?
  • What aspect of policing do you wish to cover and why?
  • What is the objective of your programme?
  •  Are you looking to film with multiple police forces or just one?
  • What is your organisation’s experience of working with the police or in a similar environment?
  • Can you meet our request for a donation?

We will only consider requests that  answer all of the above. You are also strongly advised to refer to the guidance notes before making a request.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not apply to news media in respect of news programmes, crime appeals, Crimewatch, and media facilities such as press conferences, one-to-one interviews or invitations to accompany operational police officers for current news items.


Guidance notes[pdf]