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Former employee jailed for firearms and misconduct offences

Last modified: 27 March 2019 at 03:18pm

Today (27 March 2019), at Teesside Crown Court, Judge Sean Morris sentenced Paul Duffield of Oulston Road, Easingwold, to a 10 month custodial sentence in respect of two counts of possession of a Section 1 firearm without authority, three counts of possession of Section 1 ammunition without authority, and two counts of misconduct in public office.

At the time of the offences, Duffield was employed as a Firearms Enquiry Officer at North Yorkshire Police – a civilian post.

The allegations against him came to light in April 2017, and Duffield was suspended from duty.  North Yorkshire Police mounted an investigation and in May 2017 he was arrested.  In January 2018 he resigned from the Force.

This is the first and only time that a Firearms Enquiry Officer at North Yorkshire Police has ever been charged with these offences.  Nevertheless, North Yorkshire Police has undertaken a root-and-branch review of the whole firearms department to ensure the tightest possible controls are in place.

Commenting on the case, Assistant Chief Constable Amanda Oliver of North Yorkshire Police said:

“Paul Duffield worked for the police service.  He should have acted with integrity, yet he broke the law.  He has abused the public’s trust, and done a grave dis-service to his police colleagues who perform their duties with the commitment and responsibility that the public has a right to expect.

“He must now face up to the consequences of his criminal actions.

“I would like to reassure the public that we have done everything possible to ensure that such activity cannot happen again.  And I would like to thank everyone involved in this investigation, for the prompt and decisive action they took in bringing this offender to justice, once his activities were known.”

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