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Life-saving awards for team of officers who rescued man in distress

Last modified: 30 April 2021 at 09:38am

Police officers who worked together to save the life of a man in distress in Brompton, North Yorkshire, have received certificates recognising their actions.

On the evening of Friday 8 May 2020, North Yorkshire Police received a report of a man walking near a railway line.

Officers arrived at the scene and saw the man make off into a line of trees. When they went to investigate, PC Alastair Gill found the man hanging from a tree. PC Gill was able to support the man’s legs, while PC Jack Judge climbed up the tree and cut the cord.

The officers, assisted by PC Mark Burrows, PC Pete Henderson and PC Kirsty Knights-Sullivan, then lowered the man to the ground, where he was found to be conscious and breathing. Once down the man began to struggle to get away, so they had to restrain him until paramedics arrived. Sgt Michael Jamalizadeh supervised the officers throughout the incident, and helped to calm the man down before he was taken to receive the support he needed.

The officers involved in saving the man have received certificates from the Royal Humane Society, presented by North Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Lisa Winward.

She said: “Faced with an extremely challenging situation, the officers involved acted with courage and compassion to save the life of a vulnerable man in great distress. This recognition from the Royal Humane Society is well-deserved, and we are all very proud of them and their actions on that day.”

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