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North Yorkshire Police looks to “Evolve” to improve service and achieve savings

Last modified: 9 May 2018 at 10:47am

North Yorkshire Police has today announced the start of the Evolve Programme - a three-way collaboration with Cleveland Police and Durham Constabulary.

North Yorkshire Police looks to “Evolve” to improve service and achieve savings

Through the programme, each of the police services will be exploring ways to work together across organisational boundaries, in order to increase operational resilience, improve services for communities and achieve financial savings.

In the first phase of the programme, the forces will focus on integrating services in the areas of major crime, response to civil emergencies and disaster victim identification.

Subsequent phases of Evolve will look at increasing collaboration across other specialist areas of the service.  Local policing will not be included in the programme, and local police will continue to be embedded at the heart of their local communities.

Whilst the main focus of Evolve will be on service improvement, all three police forces will be seeking to reduce operational costs through the programme, as part of broader plans to meet the financial challenges facing all police services.  In the first year, North Yorkshire Police is aiming to save approximately £2m, with further savings possible as the programme develops.

Commenting on the Evolve collaboration, North Yorkshire Police’s Chief Constable, Dave Jones said:

“Good neighbourhood policing sits at the heart of our service in North Yorkshire, and we will continue to keep that focus.  But there are other areas of policing where it makes sense to think beyond county boundaries, and these are the areas that we will be looking at through the Evolve Programme.  It is early days, and there is a lot of work to do, but I believe this collaboration with Cleveland Police and Durham Constabulary gives us the right vehicle to meet operational policing challenges in a new way.”

Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, said: “I want the people of North Yorkshire to have the best possible police service, with the best possible value for tax-payers.  To do that, we need to form partnerships with a range of different organisations, including other police forces.  Together we will ensure the Evolve Programme delivers services and savings in the best interests of local people.”

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