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North Yorkshire Police to pay for recovery cost of vehicles removed from flooded areas

Last modified: 31 July 2019 at 06:01pm

North Yorkshire Police have issued a statement in relation to a small number abandoned cars which were recovered from flood water early this morning (Wednesday 31 July 2019.)

“The weather we’ve just experienced in North Yorkshire has been exceptional.  Areas of our region were deluged by rain in a very short space of time, leading to flooded roads and road closures.  Some vehicle owners had to abandon their vehicles due to the extreme weather conditions.

“As flood waters receded to a safer level, we took steps to recover the vehicles that were blocking the roads, so that traffic was able to pass freely and safely.

“Those vehicle owners are now in a position to collect their vehicle from the recovery company, and we want to make it clear that there will be absolutely no charge for this collection.  The cost of recovery will be covered by North Yorkshire Police.

“Due to our heavy workload today it took us a little while to put these arrangements in place with the recovery company, and there are one or two people who have already collected their vehicles and paid a fee.  We’d like to give our sincere apologies to these people for the inconvenience, and reassure them that if they contact the recovery company they will receive a full immediate reimbursement of the fee.

“More rain is forecast over the next few days, so our officers will be out as usual, doing everything we can to keep people safe.  We would urge people to keep a close eye on  www.northyorks.gov.uk/roadworks-road-closures-and-diversions for news about flash flooding and road closures, and take extra care when travelling over the next few days.”

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