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Outcome of misconduct hearing

Last modified: 2 July 2019 at 01:55pm

Late yesterday afternoon (21 September 2016) a police disciplinary panel upheld allegations of misconduct and gross misconduct against Inspector [NAME REDACTED UNDER ARTICLE 17 OF GDPR] of North Yorkshire Police.

[NAME REDACTED UNDER ARTICLE 17 OF GDPR] joined North Yorkshire Police in 1995 and her service has included postings in [REDACTED UNDER ARTICLE 17 OF GDPR].

The three day disciplinary hearing was held at North Yorkshire Police’s HQ at Newby Wiske.

After deliberating for several hours, the disciplinary panel, which was led by an independent legally-qualified Chair, upheld allegations that the officer had:

  • Taken a statement from a person she was closely connected with, contrary to good practice
  • Used the police computer system to access information for personal rather than policing purposes, against Force policy
  • Provided intelligence on a person known to her without disclosing this personal connection, and that this intelligence contained her personal opinion and unsubstantiated information.

The panel concluded that [NAME REDACTED UNDER ARTICLE 17 OF GDPR] should remain in the Force, but be given a final written warning.

Speaking about the hearing and the panel’s decision, Acting Deputy Chief Constable Paul Kennedy said:

“Statistics show that North Yorkshire Police is rated highly by the public, but we do not take that for granted.  Where there has been wrong-doing, it is important for that to be subjected to the very highest level of scrutiny, and that is what the panel has done here.

“[NAME REDACTED UNDER ARTICLE 17 OF GDPR] has had a long and, other than this, positive career in the police service, serving the community. We accept and respect the panel’s decision that she should remain in force, with the sanction of a final written warning.”

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