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Trouble-maker jailed again, just weeks after being released from prison

Last modified: 28 July 2021 at 02:49pm

A persistent trouble-maker who was given a Criminal Behaviour Order to force him to change his ways has been jailed again within weeks of leaving prison.

Jailed again: John Donaldson

John Donaldson, who was frequently drunk or on drugs, carried out a “campaign of violence against his community” in Brompton near Northallerton, magistrates said as they jailed him for 18 weeks in January for criminal damage and public order offences.

He was issued with a Community Behaviour Order (CBO), to try to improve his behaviour on his release from prison.

Last week, he was sentenced to a further one year in prison by a judge at Teesside Crown Court for breaching the CBO and for robbery.

Donaldson, 30, was also issued with a restraining order to protect people in the community on his release.

He has been responsible for a string of offences in Brompton, including disturbances at his home, fights in the street, drink-related incidents and antisocial behaviour.

Parents and children attending the village school were scared to walk past his property due to the abusive behaviour of Donaldson and his associates.

PC Julie Woodcock, who works in the Safer Hambleton Hub, said: “Donaldson is back in prison, and this time it’s for significantly longer than his previous sentence.

“The fact that he carried on offending within weeks of being released was incredibly foolish, but also shows how untouchable certain trouble-makers seem to feel.

“As this shows however, nobody is above the law and we will work tirelessly to ensure people who harm their community with criminal behaviour are brought to justice every time.

“CBOs are used as a last resort for people who refuse to change their ways, and they are offered extensive support in other areas and from the organisations we work with to help them address any underlying issues.”

Northallerton Neighbourhood Policing Team worked with the Safer Hambleton Hub at Hambleton District Council to secure the CBO.

The four-year order includes conditions not to consume alcohol in any public place within the Brompton area, other than licensed premises, and not to behave in a disorderly, threatening or abusive manner anywhere in the Hambleton area.

When Donaldson leaves prison, the CBO will also prevent him associating with a specific person, to prevent further trouble, and bans him from entering an area of Brompton.

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