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Well done to all involved in bringing this registered sex offender to justice…Stop It Now!

Last modified: 5 July 2021 at 04:31pm

Please read about the investigation and court case involving Wayne Martin Dunn (53), from Eastfield, Scarborough, in the Scarborough News article below...

We’re using this opportunity to highlight a very important child abuse prevention service that is available for individuals who have, or are developing, a concerning sexual interest in children…
***The Stop It Now! UK & Ireland helpline***
The Lucy Faithfull Foundation works to prevent child abuse before it starts through its Stop It Now! helpline.
It’s available for all adults with concerns about sexual abuse and deals with around 900 calls and emails a month, with over half of these coming from men who have offended sexually – either online or offline – as well as those who are troubled by their own sexual thoughts.
The helpline is confidential, to allow callers to be as open as they can and get the support that they need.
Many in the police and probation services recognise that social isolation and loneliness are key issues for those who have offended sexually.
The service is working closely with The Lucy Faithfull Foundation to ensure that their service users are aware of the confidential support available through the Foundation’s services.
Concerned about your own thoughts or behaviour or in need of support?
***The Stop It Now! helpline – 0808 1000 900 – is available from 9.00am – 9.00pm Monday to Thursday and from 9.00am – 5.00pm Friday***
We are here to help
At Stop It Now! UK and Ireland we understand the struggle. We are ready to help you. We offer anonymous and confidential help and support.
We know people can learn to control their thoughts and behaviours. Our experienced advisors offer confidential advice on what steps you could take. We can agree with you to make a series of calls to the same operator.
So please, pick up the phone and call the Stop It Now! Freephone, anonymous and confidential helpline on 0808 1000 900 for advice, support and information.
The helpline’s main objectives are to:
• Assist callers to identify the nature and seriousness of their concerns
• Provide information and support to callers to help them clarify their thinking and needs
• Explore options available, including referral to our own follow-up services or to another agency
• Advise callers about further actions to consider
• Agree one or more protective actions the caller will take
If we’re not the most suitable organisation to deal with the specific issue then we will ensure that we signpost you to another appropriate organisation.
Other ways of getting support from Stop It Now!
Alternatively, you can contact Stop It Now! for help and advice via our ***anonymous messaging service*** at this address: contactus.stopitnow.org.uk.
Messages received through this service are anonymised to preserve confidentiality and the senders email address will not be displayed.
***Online self-help***: www.stopitnow.org.uk – you will not be asked for any details that may identify you, and our website is completely anonymous.
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