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North Yorkshire Police arrest 137 for drink and drug driving over Christmas campaign

North Yorkshire Police have today released the results of the annual Christmas crackdown under Operation Attention - the force's ongoing campaign to combat drink and drug driving on North Yorkshire’s roads.

Op Attention is a year-round operation, but has a particular focus across the Christmas period and summer months, when the instances of drink and drug driving are known to increase.

In comparison to last year’s figures arrests for drink and drug driving have increased by 10.5% – from 124 last year to the 137 made over this campaign (1 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017).

Of the 137 arrests made, 93 were for drink driving and 44 for drug driving. This compares to 92 drink driving arrests and 32 drug driving across the same period last year (1 Dec 2015 – 1 Jan 2016) – a 37.5% increase in drug driving arrests.

12 people have already appeared at court and been convicted, with another 40 cases pending. From the 12 cases already heard, magistrates have ordered a total of £7,788 to be paid in fines and associated court costs and driving bans totaling 384 months or 32 years have been served.

Officers have conducted over 1,300 breath tests throughout the course of the campaign and the highest reading registered was 118ug, from a 36-year-old man from York arrested on the first day of the campaign (1 Dec 2016). The average reading of the campaign has been 46.8ug per 100ml of breath – the legal limit is 35ug per 100ml.

The breakdown of arrests across the region are as follows:

 Arrests by Area Total 2016  Total 2015 Difference % FROM 2015 TO 2016
 Richmond 6 10 -4 40% decrease
 Harrogate 32 16 16 100% increase
 York 17 28 -11 39% decrease
 Selby 17 11 6 54.5% increase
 Scarborough 35 24 11 45.8% increase
 Ryedale 13 10 3 30% increase
 Hambleton 7 12 -5 41.6% decrease
 Craven 10 13 -3 23% decrease

Speaking about the results of the campaign, Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick said: “Throughout the year and particularly at Christmas, we issue numerous warnings about the dangers and consequences of drink and drug driving and the fact that officers will be out in force, targeting these offences. This is why it is both shocking and astounding  to see that some still choose to ignore the warnings and not only risk arrest and prosecution, but the physical safety of themselves and other road users.

“However, the arrests figures released today also show that our officers remain vigilant and 100% committed to identifying these drivers and getting them off the roads. Over 1,300 breath tests have been conducted throughout the course of this campaign, and we now have more officers than ever who have undergone specialist drug driving training. With the use of tools such as the drug wipe roadside testing equipment, we are making a significant number of drug driving arrests and have seen a 37.5% increase compared to last year’s figures.

“Although the Christmas campaign has drawn to a close, as ever, our determination to ensure that the roads remain safe for the public of North Yorkshire remains resolute and we will persist in targeting drink and drug drivers throughout the year. We also continue to work alongside our partners at the 95 Alive Road Safety Partnership in the educational and preventative work they deliver.

“I’d also like to thank the members of the public who picked up the phone and reported drink and drug drivers to us. Your actions directly led to arrests being made and ultimately lives being saved.”