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About North Yorkshire Police

Here is some background information to give you the "big picture" about policing in our region.

Safe county

North Yorkshire is England’s largest policing county in terms of geography, and one of the safest places in the country with one of the lowest crime rates.  We have built up a high level of public confidence, which we measure regularly by survey.

Our work

Our “day job” is keeping people safe, and there are lots of different aspects to that.  The one that most people think about is crime, but that is just one part of our activity.  Anti-social behaviour – whilst it may not be criminal – can make a huge difference to the quality of life for local residents, and constitutes a significant area of work for us.  Road safety (both enforcement and education) is another key element, as we have the third largest road network in the country and a high number of collisions and casualties.  A growing proportion of activity is related to public safety and welfare which now accounts for nearly half of our workload.

Our priorities are set by the Police and Crime Commissioner in her Police and Crime Plan, following consultation with local people.  You can read the Plan on the Commissioner’s website: http://www.northyorkshire-pcc.gov.uk

Organisational challenges

There are a number of challenges facing North Yorkshire Police, and all of our employees are helping us to address these as an organisation.

One challenge is the changing nature of demand for police services.  For example, whilst some areas of volume crime have been at a low level for some years, other areas of crime (such as child sexual exploitation or cybercrime) are growing, or growing in complexity.

Another challenge is how to make the best use of technology to support our work.  In North Yorkshire we are investing £10m in updating our systems and introducing exciting new technologies.  These include:

  • Mobile technology for officers, so that they can operate from the street without having to return to the station to carry out routine admin tasks
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition so we can pinpoint and disrupt cross-border criminals
  • MAUDs (Mobile Asset Utilization and Deployment Service).  This hones in on the exact location of police personnel and vehicles, so we can direct our assets to target areas more easily, as well as improving safety and back-up for officers on the street.

A final challenge is financial constraints.  In common with other police and public services, budgets are tight and we are working hard to make sure have the right structures and operating models in place to operate efficiently and effectively.  For example:

  • Our Operational Policing Model has introduced new structure and new ways of working to help us to align our response more closely with demand, and place more resources into proactive local policing
  • We are one of three forces (the others being Durham and Cleveland) engaged in the Evolve Programme – a collaboration which involve integrating areas of specialist operations where a more strategic cross-border approach will improve effectiveness as well as reducing overheads.
  • We have recently refreshed our Estates Strategy to put the emphasis on people, rather than properties.  That means we will be reducing the number of buildings we own or occupy solely over the next few years, and looking to more innovative ways to deliver services make our services as accessible as possible out in the community.

Our culture

Many people have an idea of what they think a police service (notice, we didn’t say “force”) will be like to work for.  We are the police, so there are some things (like the rank structure, and they way that senior officers address one another) that you may not have come across in other organisations.  However, as an organisation, we recognise that an organisation’s culture contains many elements, and we are actively trying to embed our NYP core values of courage, compassion and inspiration – alongside the College of Policing’s Code of Ethics – in many different ways.  When you join us, you will find out about things like our well-being programme, leadership days and employee awards that all contribute to making North Yorkshire Police a great place to work.