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Protecting your community from fraud

We do everything we can to share news of new or re-emerging scams but everyone has a part to play in keeping our communities safe from fraudsters.

You can download our eye-catching posters below to display at home, on community noticeboards, in doctor’s surgeries, leisure centres, local shops – the list is endless! Please ensure to get permission from the appropriate person or organisation before displaying a poster. Clicking each image below will open a PDF which you can print or save to download to your computer or device.

If you would like to request printed copies please email: carys.samuel@northyorkshire.police.uk

Think before you follow a link in an email or text. Could it be a scam? Fraud safety advice poster to downloadThe police or your bank will never ask you to withdraw or move money. fraud safety poster to downloadNever let a stranger into your home. If in doubt, check their ID. fraud safety poster click to download








Do you really know who you are talking to? If in doubt about a caller, hang up. Fraud safety poster, click to download