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Caravan security

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Caravans are attractive to thieves

  • They are unoccupied more regularly than your main residence.
  • Occupants change regularly and locals get used to seeing different faces.
  • They may be equipped to a high standard with expensive electrical equipment and cycles.

Protect your caravan

  • Write your vehicle identification number (VIN) in several hidden places within the caravan. Use a permanent marker to write the VIN on the underside of drawers, in cupboards, and wooden surfaces. Etch the VIN onto the windows using a diamond tipped engraver. This makes the caravan easy to identify if it’s stolen.
  • Immobilise your caravan using an approved hitch lock and put the immobiliser on when the caravan is parked, and when you stop for short periods. Fit lockable wheel nuts.
  • Always lock all doors and windows every time you leave your caravan. Always lock your roof light and gas compartment as well. If you have an awning, close the curtains to keep prying eyes out.
  • Never leave personal or valuable items on display inside the caravan or awning. Consider forensic and security marking your personal items.
  • Use good quality, heavy-duty chains and hitch locks to secure your caravan.
  • Fix lock nuts or wheel clamps to the wheels. Padlock gas cylinders to fixing clamps.
  • Fit an alarm and switch it on every time you leave your caravan – even if it’s just for a short time.
  • Keep your caravan keys with you when you leave your caravan.
  • Never leave vehicle registration documents inside the caravan. They can help a thief to sell the caravan.
  • Fit a tracking device. Police will be able to track your caravan if it is stolen.