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Vehicle safety

There are a few steps you can take to avoid your car or van being targeted by criminals.

  • Always leave your vehicles locked and alarmed,and if possible, and consider fitting an after-market approved immobiliser.
  • Your car, van or motorbike should be parked in a garage or secure area if possible. If not, a well-lit open space is always a good option.
  • Keys should never be left in the ignition, in the same place where the vehicle is kept, or near the front door of your home – thieves know where to look.
  • Be wary of anyone taking an interest in your vehicle, and consider a tracker device and marking system.
  • If you have a quad bike that is not registered for the road, please make a note of the VIN number, so that there is a unique reference to enable the vehicle to be identified if it is recovered.
  • Always remove any valuables such as sat nav’s or mobile phones from sight and avoid leaving work tools in your vehicle overnight. Its advisable to get your tools property marked. Your local neighbourhood policing team will be able to advise on this – click here for more information.