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Student safety

Whilst studying in North Yorkshire we would like your experience to be safe and crime free.

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We are working with the University of York Students’ Union (YUSU) and the Safer York Partnership to minimise students’ chances of becoming victims of crime and getting them the right support.

Criminals target student halls and houses because they are often insecure and contain a lot of expensive technology such as computers, tables and mobile phones. Some universities report up to 90% of burglaries being caused by insecure doors and windows which are often left unlocked or propped open.

Read our home security section for further crime prevention advice.

It may seem rude not to hold the door open for people accessing your halls but students who live in the building will understand and will not be offended. If you do not know the person trying to access your building do not feel bad by asking them to contact security or the person they know in the hall.

Drugs and Alcohol

Nightlife at university can be amazing, it’s just important to bear a few things in mind so that you can make most out of your nights out.

‘Think Don’t Swim’

North Yorkshire contains many rivers, lakes and other areas of open water which are all extremely dangerous. We strongly advise that you do not play, jump or swim in any open water.

Fraud and Scams

Students often fall prey to fraudulent web adverts by which, when they enquire about a property, they are asked for proof on whether they can afford the rent. The fraudulent landlords who post the adverts online require prospective tenants to transfer money as holding deposits without visiting the property, or to prove they have money in order to rent by transferring money to a friend and sending proof.