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Crime prevention measures

Implementing sound crime prevention and reduction measures makes good business sense.

  • Prevent criminals from entering your property by ensuring your premise is properly secured.
  • Implement a procedure in which stock is checked into the premises against the delivery notice. Stock must be securely stored and its location should be recorded.
  • If necessary, make sure you have an effective vetting policy for staff. Always follow up references when considering a job application and ask about any criminal records in the application process.
  • Offer incentives / rewards to staff for reporting theft or any other work related criminal conduct committed by colleagues.
  • Whenever non-employees enter you premises make sure that a member of staff is always visible.
  • Ensure that money is not deposited in the bank at the same time or on the same day every week. Staff who deposit the money should always vary the route they take to the bank.
  • Train your staff, as part of their induction in security awareness. Provide regular updates when security arrangements change.
  • Conduct an annual security survey to identify risks and review if security measures are still appropriate and working. Ask staff to participate and identify any risks in relation to the premises.
  • There have been a number of ‘sneak in’ thefts from offices, where offenders steal personal property left in insecure offices. Make sure employees are aware of this and lock up offices and valuables or keep their personal items with them when they are not present.
  • Share information with neighbours or alert the police about suspicious activity and crime. Consider joining a Business Watch Scheme for your area. Contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team for further information.