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Farm security

A farmer's property is spread over many acres with stock and equipment often portable and easy to steal.

Reduce the risks

  • When possible, lock tools and small items of machinery inside a secure building.
  • To prevent the theft of batteries, tools and accessories, avoid leaving tractors and other farm implements in fields.
  • Keep valuable machinery away from public roads when not in use.
  • Consider making a secure cage or structure for smaller items which should be sited within a secure and alarmed building.
  • Record the make and serial number of power tools – an up-to-date inventory is vital.
  • Mark or stamp easily removed items with your postcode, followed by the first two letters of your farm’s name, or other identifying marks. Read more about property marking.


Petrol pumps should have locking devices and/or isolator switches and, where possible, they should be housed in a secure location. Lock your vehicle and use security devices such as alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems. Trailers, caravans and horse boxes are particularly vulnerable.

Mark your vehicle to make them unique – use large letters on the roof. Record serial/chassis numbers and photograph them.

Field gates

Field gate hinges should be of the capped or inverted type to prevent easy removal. Make regular checks to see if they have been tampered with and if you believe they have, contact your local police via 101. We advise you mark your gates to make them unique to your farm and invest in some good quality chains or padlocks.


To prevent theft of your livestock we advise you to regularly check fields where animals are grazing. Consider CCTV to help you keep an eye on your stock in fields and barns.

We recommend you keep hedges, fences and gates in good repair. Ditches, field gates with capping hinges are great barriers and cattle grids should be removable.

If livestock is stolen, it’s important you provide us with an accurate description. We recommend you use ear tags, freeze-brand, hot-brand or tattoo your livestock so we can easily recognize them. Photographs of valuable animals is also valuable.