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Essential tips

Take a look at our essential tips for staying safe while working.

  • Sign up to National Ugly Mugs (NUM) to receive warnings about potentially dangerous individuals and situations.
  • Put in place a screening routine.
  • Use a number or email checker to screen customers before agreeing to see them – NUM have these.
  • Note the client’s mobile phone number in case you need to report a crime at a later date – don’t take bookings from withheld numbers.
  • Be clear about the services that you are willing to provide and the cost from the beginning. Use your online profile as a place to be clear about these and always speak to the client yourself.
  • Network with other sex workers through online forums for sex workers where warnings about individuals targeting sex workers are shared.
  • Always agree business and take money first.
  • Have a plan ready in case something goes wrong.
  • Know the escape routes to a safe place within the building.
  • Always carry a personal safety alarm.
  • Never leave a key in the lock, as you could be locked in.
  • If you can, let someone know where you are going and when you intend to be back.
  • Try to avoid using drugs or alcohol when working. If you do then try to use an amount that keeps you aware and stable.
  • If you are offered refreshments by a client, only accept unopened drinks.
  • Carry a fully charged phone with emergency numbers on speed dial.
  • Always trust your instincts and be willing to say no.
  • Always try to take in as much information about a client as possible.
  • Don’t carry a weapon as this can be used against you.

For further advice about staying safe visit National Ugly Mugs website page ‘essential safety for sex workers’ page by clicking here or reading through their ‘Keeping Safe’ guide online by click here.