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Terrorism advice

Tackling terrorism is a top priority for police forces across the UK. We work together, with partners and all communities, to help keep the public safe.

Terror attacks can take place anywhere, at any time. They are not restricted to large cities or iconic locations.

You can play your part in helping to tackle the terrorist threat facing the UK. The police and the security and intelligence agencies depend on information from you. Be our eyes and ears and help keep yourself, your family and your local community safe by looking out for suspicious activity and reporting it to the police, in confidence. On this page you can find:

You may see or hear something that could be that vital piece of information needed to stop a terrorist attack.

Although terrorism is rare in the UK, recent events clearly demonstrate that an attack could happen at any time or place without warning.

By working together with the police, staying alert and thinking about your safety and security at home or work or when you are out and about, you can make it harder for terrorists to plan or carry out an attack.

What can I do?

If you have any information about suspicious activity or behaviour, you can report it in confidence, either by calling the police or making an online report.





If you are deaf or have hearing difficulties and want to make a report, please complete the online form.

Remember, in an emergency, if you need urgent police assistance, you should always dial 999.