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Registered Firearms Dealers (RFDs)

RFDs wishing to carry on business, including exhibiting for the purposes of their business, at game fairs, arms fairs etc.. in the same or another force area, must be registered by the chief officer of police for that area and are required to pay the appropriate fee to register a temporary place of business.  The current fee is £13.00.  These applications must be with the Department before the 1st April 2020, however it would greatly aid our administration if they could be submitted as soon as possible.

  • RFDs from another force area need to complete the Form 116.
  • North Yorkshire RFDs need to complete the Form 116a.

All exhibitors who still hold a valid Certificate of Registration for the temporary place of business from previous shows must  confirm, in writing, their certificate number, expiry date and their intention to attend this years show. PLEASE NOTE if your main dealer certificate has been renewed in the last year, then you will need to apply again to register a temporary place of business.

If an RFD intends to bring SMOKELESS POWDER OR SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION to the Northern Shooting Show, they MUST advise North Yorkshire Police Firearms Licensing Department, either in writing or via e-mail, of the net explosives quantities of each that they are bringing so they can be included on the Event’s Licence to Store Explosives.




FIREARM FORM 116[pdf] FIREARM FORM 116a[pdf]