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Registered Firearms Dealers (RFD)

A dealer is defined as a person or a corporate body who, by way of trade or business: manufactures, sells, transfers, repairs, tests or proves firearms or ammunition or shotguns or sells or transfers air weapons. They are not authorised to trade in prohibited weapons unless approval is given by the home office.

The Chief Officers of Police are required to keep a register of firearms dealers in their area. Details must be provided for any additional places of business within the same police area.  Where dealers have places of business in more than one area, they must be registered by the Chief Officers of each.

A Firearms Dealer wishing to carry on business, including exhibiting, at game fairs, arms fairs and other temporary events, in their own or another force area, must be registered by the Chief Officer of Police for that area and are required to pay the appropriate fee to register a temporary place of business.

Factors taken into account include the size and location of the premises to be used for conducting the proposed business,  the staffing (conduct, experience and knowledge) and the extent of any other business activities. The applicant should be able to show that they will be providing a service to the public or to the gun trade. It should not be used to facilitate private collections, nor to provide a service to friends and associates only.

A business plan showing the likely level of service is required at the initial application.  A full list of Company Officers or staff coming into contact or acting for the business is required at initial application and each renewal.

Further information can be found by clicking the ‘Do it online’  link on our main Firearm and Explosives Licensing page or  in Chapter 16 of the Home Office Guide to Firearms Licensing Law.


Dealer application - Firearm Form 116[pdf] Company Officers/Staff[pdf]